Rectangular Tanks

B.K.B. are able to supply tanks for a multitude of applications. Rectangular tanks are typically used for water storage in locations where space is tight.

Compact and space efficient.


B.K.B. offers several options for round tanks ranging from construction material to different construction design

Material options

  • Galvanised steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Powder coated steel

Containment Design options

  • Butyl liner
  • Gasket non-liner

We also offer a wide range of accessories to complete your water storage needs; from Automatic Tank Fill valves to Anti-vortex plates.

Typical tank applications include but no limited to:

  • Fire Hydrant Water Storage Tanks
  • Fire Sprinkler Water Storage Tanks
  • Potable Water Break Tanks
  • Rainwater Retention Tanks

Contact B.K.B. for your water storage requirements.

B.K.B. tanks are compliant to the below standards

Australian Standards Compliance

  • AS4100 & AS4600 – Steel Structure Codes
  • AS1397 – Sheet Galvanising
  • AS4680 – Hot Dip Galvanising
  • AS1657 – Fixed Platforms & Walkways
  • AS1170 – Wind Loadings
  • AS4020 – Potable Products