B.K.B. Custom Built Rainwater Re-use pumps

B.K.B. excels at customised builds for your rainwater harvesting systems.

We cater to a large range of flow and heads. With partnership with filtration companies, B.K.B. offers a variety of automatic filters, cartridge and bag filters and UV disinfection reactors.

Please enquire with B.K.B. should your requirements are not met with our turnkey options.

  • Toilet flushing
  • Irrigation
  • Cooling tower make up
  • Manifolds materials will be copper, brass or stainless steel for durability.
  • Watermarked valves options are available.
  • Large variety of filtration options available.
  • Grundfos pumps as a primary selection, ensuring that your system is powered by a market leading product.
  • Variable Speed options are available.
  • Fully packaged for easy installation on site; only requires connection of inlet and outlet pipes.
  • Package is designed for serviceability, with unions and/or flanges to ensure minimal site works for easy maintenance.